Benefits of the ACY Forex White Label Offering

The Best Way To Start A Forex Brokerage Company Is To Partner With The Best Forex White Label Offering, So You Have All The Technology, Onboarding & Legal To Back You Up.

Benefits of the ACY Forex White Label Offering

Would you like to start your own brokerage company? Then you’d be looking for the best Forex White Label Offering in the market.

We often run into FX entrepreneurs wanting to start their own brokerage. A general misconception we see is that many of them think this will be a fairly easy undertaking. Once you get into running a brokerage, you will probably realize there are many more moving parts to deal with that could have been thought of.

During ACY’s 10 years of experience in this field, we have seen amazing stories of success, and brokerages being created that today are major players in the industry. But we’ve also seen many cases of brokerages fading out on their way to success, many times after tremendous effort made by their team to keep it up. And they mainly fail because of the lack of technology recourses and poor risk management.

You will realize, that your technology is the most important part of your business, without the right infrastructure, you will be very limited.

Getting the right partners, a competent team, and the right consultancy during the process will play a vital role in the business’s future success.

The good news is, that ACY and our sister company, ZeroLogix offer the full suite of bespoke technologies and services for companies to kick start their brokerage houses. Starting from MT4 and MT5 FX White Label, to CRM, client portal, and admin portal solutions. We will also assist you in obtaining your brokerage regulation through ACY Advisory.

We offer the full suite of Forex White Label Solutions:

  1. Multi-Asset equipped trading instruments under MT4 and MT5 trading platforms
  2. Industry-specific CRM
  3. Client portal and admin portal solutions including online forms
  4. License consultancy services
  5. White Label trading consultant
  6. Risk management systems
  7. Prime of prime liquidity pools and liquidity aggregator systems

When you are starting up with your white label agreement, you want to reduce the costs of operations to maximize your revenue. ACY will enable you to focus on your sales and marketing operations and we will focus on your technology functions.

ACY has spent the last 10 years building and organizing tech solutions, we’ve built Research & Development teams across the APAC region to support all our proprietary solutions, including our network of servers that are set up in different cities across the globe.

We’ve spent the last 10 years connecting a puzzle and now we offer companies the opportunities to leverage what we’ve created.

Get in touch with our Institutional Business Managers at ACY Partners today and let us assist you in starting up your brokerage house.

05 Aug, 2022

05 Aug, 2022