How to Start a Forex Fund for Talented CFD and FX Traders

Are You Looking To Start A Forex Fund Management Business? Here Are Our Top Tips To Start A Fund Here In Australia Or Internationally. Get Your Forex Trading Fund Started Today.

How to Start a Forex Fund for Talented CFD and FX Traders

Are you a successful CFD or Forex trader and looking to start a Forex Fund? There are some important factors to consider before you start your fund.

Starting a forex fund to manage your money and the money of others is possible and the tools available make it more accessible than ever before. ACY Securities provides you with a wide range of support options and technologies to kick-start your career. But the trading is on you!

In some countries, starting a foreign exchange fund is harder than in other countries.

In Australia for example, you need to have an Australian Financial Service License (AFSL) issued by ASIC. You also need to appoint lawyers and accountants to get the best structure for your Forex managed fund. Not to mention, there are many more legal measures to consider.

If you already hold an AFSL within Australia, then the process requires considerably fewer steps.

However, if you are based outside of Australia, then the process is more streamlined, although still requires a number of important checks before going live.

No matter which country you are looking to start your Forex trading business, the number one criterion is to have a strategy that is appealing to others. You don’t need to have a high return forex managed account instead, you should be generating steady returns while minimizing drawdowns.

With your forex trading strategies in place, ACY Securities takes care of the brokerage account, and fund accounting and we even help with fund marketing.

Getting access to the Multi-Account Management System

No matter if you are based in Europe, the Middle East, or South East Asia, our process starts with access to our Multi-Account Management system (MAM).

Successful traders based in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, and many other regions are allowed to have access to our MAM systems without the requirement of having a financial services or money management license.

There are limitations to the scalability you can achieve without having a proper license, as clients search for safety and credibility.

But if the funds are held with ACY Securities, then you can leverage our banking relationships and infrastructure.

Your funds and your clients’ funds are held in bank accounts segregated from our business accounts, with top tier 1 banks such as the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and with DBS Bank in Hong Kong.

Wide range of asset classes available to trade

When you have access to our MAM system, it means you can trade multi-assets, such as:

If you are after choice, then our range of Forex markets will be well suited to the diversity you require.

Allocation methods under our MAM system

Our MAM system offers more than 10 allocation methods including PAMM, which is considered the most popular allocation method in the world of money management.

In addition to the gains you make from your trading, Fund Managers normally benefit from performance fees and management fees, in addition to spreads rebates.

As a result, you have the opportunity of multiple income streams. You just need to make sure your trading strategy works.

Whether you are manually trading or using an Expert Advisor (EA) robot to trade on your behalf, the entire process takes only a few days to set up.

3 steps to get your Forex Fund setup started

  1. Setup an individual or business trading account with ACY Securities.
  2. Login to the ACY client portal
  3. Open a ticket to request to open up a MAM trading account

Choose from the following parameters for your MAM account:

  1. Your account currency
  2. Leverage
  3. Account type
  4. Performance fees percentage
  5. Management fees percentage (if any)
  6. And lastly, choose the allocation methods that suit your needs

At ACY, we have an entire team dedicated to assisting money managers with their fund startup. We’ve assisted hundreds of traders in becoming fund managers and supported them and their clients along the way.

If you are a successful trader, the first step is finding the ideal broker that will help you start-up and scale.

ACY Securities is an expert in the field of MAMs and supporting fund managers.

Get in touch with our Institutional Business Management team here at ACY Partners and let us assist you with starting up your fund. And if you wanted to scale bigger and wanted to obtain your financial services or money management license, then ACY can also help you with that through ACY Advisory. ACY Advisory is a subsidiary of ACY that assists individuals in setting up businesses and obtaining licenses.

ACY Securities is a one-stop-shop for existing money managers that are looking to scale or newly set up money managers that would like to kick start their business. We offer the advisory, the technology, the support, and the knowledge of our teams to assist you in all your needs.

05 Aug, 2022

05 Aug, 2022