Money Managers, Traders, Investors, and The Trading Cup Trading Contest

Are You A Forex Fund Manager Looking To Establish Your Funds Management Program? Our Forex Money Management Program Is An Ideal Step When Combined With The Trading Cup Trading Contest.

Money Managers, Traders, Investors, and The Trading Cup Trading Contest

Forex managed accounts – a very broad topic, a subject that has many details. A subject that cannot be covered in one article. This article is not to convince you whether joining a forex money management program is good for you or not, but mainly to give the readers an idea of how it works, the advantages and disadvantages and then you will decide if this is for you or not.

Whether you are a trader that wants to start a Forex managed fund or whether you are an investor that’s looking for a fund management program.

To clarify, ACY does not manage clients’ funds, but we offer all the tech systems, the tools, the liquidity, and the support that you need as a fund manager or as an investor.

The underlying principle of trading, in general, is to preserve trading capital, that is by minimizing the losses and maximizing the profits. Money management is a set of tactics and one of the most important tactics is the ones that a fund manager will set to manage their risk.

Successful traders set these tactics or rules by setting up goals and trading strategies. A good strategy measures not only the average return but also the winning percentage, the maximum drawdown, and the Sharpe ratio to name a few.

The Trading Cup trading contest

To attract the best fund managers in the world, we developed a trading contest called the Trading Cup (

This trading competition aims to find the best of the best traders and money managers in the world. The contest runs over 12 months with the aim to discover the greatest traders and fund managers in the world.

The top 5 traders, will earn the right to share $1 million in allocated trading funds, with the goal to continue to their high return forex managed account. They will get to share in the returns they make.

To ensure traders and money managers are trading fairly, we set our ranking system that looks at key metrics. Those metrics were weighed and designed by economists, financial experts, and analysts then we put these weighing metrics into an algorithm.

The key metrics of the Trading Cup trading competition are:

  1. Average return
  2. Winning percentage
  3. Sum profit VS sum loss
  4. Maximum drawdown
  5. Sharpe ration
  6. Calmar ratio
  7. Standard deviation

In addition, we use the average level of the performance of all contenders as the benchmark to ensure our ranking algorithm is fair and effective.

So, are you a good money manager and want to get global attention? Then join our trading competition, it’s the biggest trading competition in the world, and it’s completely free to join, all you got to do is have a trading account with ACY.

The key metrics that we set to rank our traders and money managers were designed to benefit the traders that are risk-averse with long-term goals.

  1. So, if you are a fund manager and you want to access the global stage, get in touch with us today and let us assist you in signing up for the biggest trading competition in the world.
  2. If you are an individual trader and you believe you have what it takes to win the prize, then get in touch with us, and let’s sign you up!
  3. If you are an investor and you are eyeing the best money managers in the world, then get in touch with our team and let us guide you.

The trading contest is a very powerful tool for fund managers, traders, and investors. In addition to the MAM account and PAMM systems we offer to fund managers, we have a full team dedicated to money management services, we work around the clock to support your operation. In the world of forex money management, we cover all that you need.

05 Aug, 2022

05 Aug, 2022