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How can I start a fund with ACY?
There are some important factors to consider and consider before you start. Starting a CFDs fund to manage your money and the money of others is now easier than ever. ACY Securities provides you with all the support and technologies to kick-start your career, but the trading is on you!

All you need to have is access to our Multi-Account Management system (MAM).
What is MAM/PAMM?
MAM stands for “Multi-Account Manager”, while PAMM is an abbreviation for “Percent Allocation Management Module”. MAM and PAMM are software’s that allows a fund manager to trade on behalf of investors using a master account. To find out more, click here.
What does the MAM allow me to do?
The MAM system allows you to place trades on your Master account, which then get pushed out to your sub accounts in one of the 10 allocation methods we provide. When you have access to our MAM system, it means you can trade multi-assets, such as FX, cryptos, commodities, indices, ETFs and share CFDs on the ASX, NYSE, and Nasdaq exchanges.
What is the process to open a MAM account?
  1. Setup an individual or business trading account with ACY Securities.
  2. Login to the ACY client portal at acy.cloud
  3. Submit a ticket to open a MAM.
What parameters do I need to choose for my MAM account?
  • Your account currency
  • Leveragev
  • Account type
  • Performance fees percentage
  • Management fees percentage (if any)
  • And lastly, choose the allocation methods that suits your needs
As a money manager, how can ACY help me?
At ACY, we have an entire team dedicated to assisting money managers with starting up their careers. We’ve successfully assisted hundreds of successful traders in becoming fund managers and supported them and their clients along the way.

If you are a successful trader, the first step is finding the ideal broker that will help you start up and scale. ACY Securities is an expert in the field of MAMs and supporting fund managers. Get in touch with our Institutional Business Management team here at ACY Partners and let us assist you with starting up your fund.

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